Do not under estimate the power of Smell and Fragrance to create energies of Happiness & Bliss… – Ruddha


Element Metaphysical Spiritual & Healing Use
Bergamot E.O. Fire  Money  Encouraging, Anti-Depressant, Balances Bath & Body, Diffuser
Carnation F.O. Fire Protection, Blessing  Stimulates, Strengthens Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Cedarwood E.O. Fire  Money, Healing, Protection, Purification Calming, Comforting, Strengthening Bath & Body, Diffuser, Flea Repellant
Cinnamon E.O. Fire  Protection, Love, Power Stimulates creativity, Anti-depressant Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Citronella E.O. Air Purification Optimism  Insect Repellent
Coconut F.O. Water Love, Courage, Protection Inner Peace Bath & Body, Diffuser
Cypress E.O. Earth  Comfort, Longevity, Protection Mental Powers Bath & Body, Diffuser
Eucalyptus E.O. Water  Healing, Protection, Exorcism Stimulant, Mental Focus Insect Repellent, Bath & Body (Use caution in Bath), Diffuser
Frankincense F.O. Fire Protection, Exorcism, Purifies, Uplifts, Strengthens, Dignifies Promotes receptivity and Spiritually, Aids meditation Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Freesia F.O. Air New Beginnings, New Awareness Opening & Stimulating of the Heart Chakra  Bath & Body, Diffuser
Gardenia F.O. Water Love, Peace  Spirituality, Stimulates Heart Chakra Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Geranium E.O. Water Love, Fertility, Protection Calming, Balancing, Anti-Depressant, PMS Bath & Body, Diffuser
Ginger E.O. Fire  Prosperity, Love, Aphrodisiac, Power, Healing Strengthens, Warms the spirit Bath & Body, Diffuser
Grapefruit E.O. Air Protection, Healing Anti-Depressant, Energizing, Strengthens Spirit, Raises Self Esteem Bath & Body, Diffuser, Oily Skin Care
Heliotrope F.O. Fire  Exorcism, Prosperity, Invisibility Soothes nerves, calms, Controls Anxiety Bath & Body, Diffuser
High John the Conqueror F.O. Fire Prosperity, Love, Protection Repels negativity, negative intentions and adverse conditions Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Honeysuckle F.O. Earth Prosperity, Protection Relaxing, Soothing, Uplifting, Psychic Powers Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Jasmine F.O. Water Love, Money, Dreams, Aphrodisiac, Anti-depressant Spiritual Love, Raises Vibrations Bath & Body, Diffuser, Aphrodisiac, Incense
Lavender E.O. Air Love, Inner Peace, Purification, Protection Calming, Balancing, Strengthening, Stimulating, Healing, PMS  Insect Repellent, Bath & Body, Oily Skin Care, Dry Skin Care, Incense
Lemon E.O. Water  Purification, Love, Friendship Clarity, Calming, Mental Powers Cleansing, Healing, Bath & Body, Diffuser
Lemon Grass E.O. Air  Psychic Powers, Passion Invigorating, Refreshing, Relaxing, Calming Bath & Body, Diffuser
Lilac F.O. Water  Exorcism, Protection, Peace, Harmony Mind clearing,  Memory & Concentration Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Lime E.O. Water  Friendship, Strength Stimulates, Strengthens Bath & Body, Diffuser
Magnolia F.O. Earth  Love, Fidelity, Fertility, Prosperity Purity, Clear thinking, Power Bath & Body, Diffuser
Mandarin E.O. Fire  Happiness, Joy, Aphrodisiac Calming, Relaxing Bath & Body, Diffuser
Mimosa F.O. Water  Protection, Purification, Dreams, Love Soothes worries, Lifts Spirits Bath & Body, Diffuser
Musk F.O. Earth Enhanced power, Aphrodisiac, Attraction  Strengthens focus  Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Myrrh F.O. Water  Protection, Purification,  Exorcism Spirituality, Balances, Stimulates Crown Chakra Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Orange E.O. Fire Love, Prosperity, Divination, Luck Relaxing, Balancing, Stimulating, Sensual Bath & Body, Diffuser
Orris F.O. Water Love, Protection, Divination Communication with higher beings Bath & Body, Diffuser
Patchouli E.O. Earth  Prosperity,  Passion Aphrodisiac  Bath & Body, Diffuser
Peppermint E.O. Fire Purification, Healing Mental Clarity Bath & Body, Diffuser
Pine E.O. Fire Prosperity, Fertility Strengthening Diffuser
Rose F.O.  Water Love Strengthen Heart Chakra & Spirit Bath & Body, Diffuser, Incense
Rose Geranium E.O. Water Protection Removes sadness & fear Bath & Body, Diffuser
Rosemary E.O. Fire Protection, Love, Mental Powers, Passion, Purification Uplifting, Courage, Mental Stimulant, Strength Bath & Body, Diffuser, Massage, Headaches
Rue E.O. Fire Healing, Exorcism, Love Dispels negativity, Purification Diffuser, Incense
Sage E.O. Air  Wisdom, Protection, Purification  Cleanses, Balances, Strengthens Bath & Body (Use caution in  bath), Diffuser
Sandalwood F.O. Water Protection, Exorcism Spirituality, Harmonizing Bath & Body, Diffuser
Sweet Pea F.O. Water  Love, Friendship, Courage, Strength Loyalty, Devotion Bath & Body, Diffuser
Tangerine E.O. Fire Protection, Defense Eases tension, soothes  Bath & Body, Diffuser
Vanilla F.O. Water  Passion, Mental Powers Calms, Relaxes Bath & Body, Diffuser
Verbena, Lemon E.O. Earth Prosperity, Love, Peace, Protection, Purification Calms, Improves concentration Bath & Body, Diffuser
Vetivert E.O. Earth  Luck, Love, Prosperity, Hex Breaking Grounding, Regenerative, Strengthening, Luck Bath & Body, Diffuser
Violet F.O. Water Luck, Protection, Passion, Wishes, Reuniting Stimulates Throat Chakra, Healing Bath & Body, Diffuser
Wisteria E.O. Water Protection Calls aid from higher spiritual forces Bath & Body, Diffuser
Ylang-Ylang E.O. Water Love, Peace, Calming, Tension Relieving Balancing, Strengthens Spirit, Aphrodisiac, Magnetic Bath & Body, Diffuser

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