R-evolution – Ruddha

Time: [01:17:37]

1] Wisdom from the Mountain [06:36]

2] R-evolution [07:02]

3] Love is Eternity (Mean Golden Mix) [08:03]

4] Navigating the Void [07:12]

5] Rider on the Storm [06:13]

6] Dancing with the Moons of Jupiter [06:29]

7] Touching the Golden Buddha [06:27]

8] In the Desert I found Myself [05:53]

9] The Shaman’s Dream (Radio Version) [05:11]

10] Traveling Beyond Time [05:28]

11] Music for your Mind [06:22]

12] Metamorphosis [06:37]


The title track R-evolution was selected as Track of the Day on 27 Feb 2006 in Trance on www.GarageBand.com

Track 11 Music for your Mind has won 5 Awards on GarageBand.com.

Track List & Reviews
 1] Wisdom from the Mountain [06:36]
 2] R-evolution [07:02] 


  • Track of the Day on 27 Feb 2006 in Trance
  • Best Bass in Trance, week of 20 Mar 2006
  • Grooviest Rhythm in Trance, week of 6 Mar 2006

Some Reviews on Garageband.com

This song is a fast-paced, electronic journey. This is my favorite kind of trance, the kind Tiesto makes. It travels through your mind. Instead of just hearing it at a club, it can be listened to while laying on the ground. The synths keep a listener’s interest, building up to the same song climax you hear from Tiesto. Excellent.

Reviewed by: Clive92692 from Chicago, Illinois

First goa/psy ive ever heard on here..
I love the intro, but that synth in the intro is clipping a little bit at certain frequencies(its hard to tell cause of the LFO on it)
Your percussion is too basic for this style, you need some Closed hihats, and some tribal percussion would probably fit nicely in here..
The mood is pretty high energy, I would see myself driving down a highway on a road trip or something listening to this tune.
The sound is pretty original, but then I dont listen to much goa so I wouldn’t really know..
As far as who you sound like, again i dont listen to much goa so I dont really know, maybe
Sean Deason or someone..
Another thing I would change is that saw synth that fades in around 4:47, not the melody but the synth to something a bit more complex and some more dynamics with a fatter sound..
Overall good job though, this is the first goa song I’ve ever heard on here so congrats for that ^_^

P.S (If you aren’t sure of what goa is, and just sort of ‘winged it’ on this song, visit
https://www.goacom.org/news/getSto it has a pretty good defeinition)

Reviewed by: dj_vash1 from Clayton, North Carolina

 3] Love is Eternity (Mean Golden Mix) [08:03] 
 4] Navigating the Void [07:12] 
 5] Rider on the Storm [06:13] 


  • Track of the Day on 25 Jul 006 in Trance
  • Best Production in Trance, week of 4 Sep 2006


someone after my own heart !!!
This sounds like a track with an urgent undertone..hard partying going on perhaps?!! Good beat and I like the minimal lead at the beginning..almost techno..this is the type of trance I love..the build up is slow but really good..would get people on the dancefloor-maybe needs a change by about 2.45 though…and you did how cool is that!! A dark track with a pretty complex sequence although it sounds decievingly simple..someone after my own heart I really like your sound..do u have a cd?

Reviewed by: scudut from Liskeard, Cornwall, United Kingdom

 6] Dancing with the Moons of Jupiter [06:29] 


  • Track of the Day on 16 Nov 2006 in Trance
  • Best Mood in Trance, week of 20 Nov 2006
  • Chill-Out Track in Trance, week of 20 Nov 2006


cool song
This is a good song. I like the melodies. You should keep the beat going longer, though, because a steady pulse is what induces an altered state of consciousness (trance). Great engineering. Cool mood and rhythm, just too fast-changing to be a trance song. It takes me on a space ride, for sure, but it doesn’t make my sympathetic nervous system collapse. Wonderful song though.

– SoundsInside from Tucson, Arizona on 15 Nov2006

 7] Touching the Golden Buddha [06:27] 

Clean and hard-hitting!!!!
I love this beat, very hard-hitting and effective!!!

Great mix into a great melody!!

Love the breaks and changes with groovy fill-ins!!!

Love the tempo and the rise in the track with very trance kinda soundin melodiesd and samples!!

Production is perfect with crystal clear beats and great arrangement!!!

Reviewed by: stonerwicked from Sydney, N.S.W, Australia

I would say this peice reminds me of Goya trance music. There is a head noding beat… like most trance. A changing melody and bass line carry this tune very well on the up beat. Like most dance tracks, the build ups and breakdowns are felt in conjunction with the changing mood. I’d have to say this reminds me of Paul Van Dyke. This dosen’t sounds like some novice musician. This sounds like there was some research done before constructing this song.

Reviewed by: DrumJunky from Stephenville, Texas

 8] In the Desert I found Myself [05:53] 
 9] The Shaman’s Dream (Radio Version) [05:11] 
10] Traveling Beyond Time [05:28] 

Award: Track of the Day on 2 Mar 2006 in Trance


Hypnotic waves…
Professional grade sequencing and composition. Progressions sound futuristic and would fit well with certain genres of video games on the market. This techno-style song is hypnotic and perfect for clubs. Overall, outstanding sequencing and synth tones. Grade A.
Reviewed by: jovianO from Tazewell, Virginia

Great drum beat to start, which quickly develops into a fine percussion and arpegiated synth line.
All very well produced and mixed.
Further down the line, we get a decent pad to fill out the top end. I would have preferred a vocal, but this is ok.
Not much variation in beat or bassline is evident, but this is trance so what the heck.
We are asked who they sound like. To be honest, this is firmly in the Trance genre and sounds like most other bands/individuals. A vocal or voice samples would have made this track a standout in my opinion. Don’t worry who you sound like, there is enough talent here to carve out your own sound.
Reviewed by: LorenzoCosco from Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom

11] Music for your Mind [06:22] 


  • Track of the Day on 10 Mar 2006 in Trance
  • Best Female Vocals in Trance, week of 28 Aug 2006
  • Best Bass in Trance, week of 28 Aug 2006
  • Best Programming in Trance, week of 24 Jul 2006
  • Most Original in Trance, week of 17 Jul 2006

Some Reviews:

Energetic and bouncy track!
I Love It! I don’t really know what more i can say, but i do love this track! 🙂 I’ll give it a go though.. Amazingly energetic beat and a pretty melody, sandwiched between a great bassline and vocals. Truly good work.
– DaveCarter from Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom on 25Aug2006

First class trance!
Some excellent ambient ideas going on here. grerat sound, great samples and sequencing! Clean, crisp and .. best of all .. musically intentional!

This has great style and balance. One of the best tracks in this genre that I have heard!

All the best of luck with it!
– LuiGentile from Eitorf-Bach, Originally Connecticut, Germany on 24Aug2006

This song has so much potential it is not even funny. Soothing female vocals with a catchy phrase “Musics for your mind.” It has a thumping base line and nice rolling synths with a never tiring pan effect. Good drum roll and lead in at 1:26. Also, this song has a great progression in it. Constantly building up to a high and then slowly bringing you back down at the end with a classic trance drum line lead out.
– Germanica from Great Falls, Montana on 12Jul2006

Very good!
This song striaght up ROCKS!!!

Everything in this song is done really well. Probly the best track I have herd on here overall. Very well mixed, nice synth, cool vocals, awsome beat. Everything in this is Awsome. The only thing I would do to make it better, is use a differen’t synth line. But other then that I’d say this person knows what there doing. Yea that synth line is really reptivie. However it’s good. 5 out of 5 for this one
– RaversInc from Seattle, Washington on 11Jul2006

12] Metamorphosis [06:37]