The Seeker


60 x 80 cm

Signed limited edition high quality canvas print or NFT


We are all Seekers in this game called Life. Searching for the truth, searching for freedom and our true selves. Every key that we find increases our vibration and brings us closer to our ultimate goals.

Leonardo da Vinci shared a universal truth when he stated “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else”. Meditate, connect the dots, allow your sub conscious mind to respond automatically to the symbols and clues on your path by starting to See with the 3rd eye. That will help you See how everything connect in harmony. You will also See the answers that you need for harmony with all.

The psychedelic mushroom is another teacher that help us to See and to connect to higher aspects of ourselves and to our star origins in the Pleiades.

For me water lilies symbolizes spiritual awakening and appears in a number of my art works, with their roots in the mud and flowers and leaves reaching for the Sun, they show us the way.

The young seekers face is still in the shadow, he is seeking the light and will soon See. The Water Lilies symbolizes the opening of his chakras to higher wisdom bringing enlightenment. The light house symbolizes the ultimate goal and is still behind the seeker and on a high hard to reach mountain.

Protectors, guides and gatekeepers assists us on our journey, the secret is to ask and you will find.

When the Seeker is ready the Teacher will appear.

Also available as NFT, please click to collect:

The Seeker





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