The Birth of Light at the end of the Funnel


60 x 95 cm

Signed limited edition high quality canvas print.


Visible light is electromagnetic radiation that can be perceived by the human eye. The world of the elementals, the domain of the elves, fairies and other beings, vibrate at a different rate than ours. The higher frequency vibrations are in the realm of the unseen while lower frequency vibrations resides in the physical plane. These beings manage part of our experience in this dimension behind the scenes.

When a ray of light is birthed in this dimension or a Soul arrive in the earth plane a new life adventure commences.

This work consists of layers of photos with transparency effects to give a space-time tunnel feeling. The focus point is the light at the end of the funnel and the ray of light entering this dimension. The 3 figure represents the 3 wise men or stars of Orion or elves welcoming the ray of light into the earth plane.

The purple flowers symbolize the highest visible frequency vibration or a royal birth and the red branches the physical dimension.

Available as a signed limited edition canvas print.


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