“Golden Gate” was inspired in part by artist Dominique Appia’s work “Entre les trous de la memoire” translated as “Between the Holes in the Memory”. I bought all available posters of Appia’s work when I turned 18 and would spend hours enjoying his brilliant art and analyzing his ideas and techniques.

The Greek writer Macrobius mentioned in the Book of the Gates that the gate or portal through which the pharaoh enters the Netherworld is, in fact, the Gate of God or also called the Golden Gate. The pillars, windows and doors in this work symbolize portals or gateways to different dimensions.

The dreamy scene in “Golden Gate” features the sea with a palm tree on the left and the freshwater dam on the right with another tree. The merging of fresh and sea water hints on the al-chemical marriage, mastering duality and merging the yin and yang. Trees are the bridges between heaven and earth, roots in earth with branches, leaves and flowers reaching for heaven.

Walter Russell states that “The universe exists solely of waves of motion  …There exists nothing other than vibration.”

By shifting our awareness and increasing our vibration rate, out-of-body experiences become possible and we are able to reach other dimensions. Traveling beyond time, leaving the body,  going through the Golden Gate, flying as free as a bird.

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