The inspiration for this work and starting point was a visit to the Waterberg mountain range in the area just outside the bushveld town of Thabazimbi in the Marakele National Park. It was a rainy day and the only narrow dangerous road to the top of the mountain makes it extremely difficult to reach the summit.

It was completely misty and I while I was waiting for the mist to clear I found a little rock pool with water in it. I gazed into the crystal clear water and images of eagles and fish greeted me, in the rock pool that became Dream Cave…

“The Subconscious mind is a vast dream cave, filled with symbols that we understand on different levels, shaping our experience of the multiple dimensions that we inhabit” – Ruddha

This work represents my favorite technique of just allowing images to appear automatically or by random via my Subconscious mind. Thus the fish and eagles vision manifested with carefully selected photographs of eagles and fish.

Trees or the palm tree in this case symbolizes earth and heaven, as above so below, branches reaching for heaven, roots anchored below in earth. By connecting with the tree, by ascending it or dreaming with its guidance you can reach the riches of the subconscious mind, helping you to manifest your goals in reality and reaching the Light House and your spiritual goals.

Water lilies symbolize keys of wisdom and the chakras opening with spiritual awakening. The deep red color tones of the work amplify the darkness feeling of the Cave and the heaviness of the lower dimensions versus the lighter higher levels of vibration that’s attainable via this route.

Water is present everywhere in the work with sea and fresh water merging symbolizing our emotions and our awakening to them. Some of our emotions are known to us and sometimes we need to ride the “Wave” or windsurf and allow the wind to guide us in the right direction.

I blended the Leguemes growing on the rocks with the ancient stars maps to again unite heaven and earth, and show the way. The Dream cave also symbolizes your skull and the pineal gland the light house, the water our cerebrospinal fluid holding the keys to long life and bliss in the earth plane.

Santos Bonnaci shares the following key “The fluid, oil, or marrow which flows down the spinal cord, comes from the upper brain, the Creator or Father, the “Most High,” and is known in physiology as ovum, or generative seed that life essence which creates the human form of corruptible flesh. In the Greek, from which the New Testament was translated, this marrow is called Christ, which is the Greek word for oil.”

The eagle rising from the nest of flames represents the Phoenix rising or in Santo’s words “When this oil is refined, transmuted, lifted up, raised, it becomes so highly vitalized that it regenerates the body and “overcomes” the last enemy, death.”

The essence of this artwork is captured in my song “Wisdom from the Mountain”, please visit Spotify to listen.

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Abel, Ruddha & Anton January 2010