DNA Upgrade



60 x 111 cm

Limited edition canvas print or NFT (includes animated version)

We are living in exciting times; everybody expected 2012 to be the year of the major shift. This work inspired by my question to the universe “When is d-day?" was answered 9 years ago. I heard "on your birthday 20 December 2020", at the same time, visually a flow of energy flooded my minds-eye with images that looked like little rocks or particles or cells floating and spinning beyond time and space in an electromagnetic soup of the DNA-upgrade. I used layered digital images of little rocks to attempt to create this effect that I experienced.

Jerry Sargeant of Star Magic Healing states "You have between 75 and 100 trillion cells in your body. You have 100 Trillion protons in each cell. Each proton is like a mini universe, sending and receiving data from the field. When you know how to plug into this data you can change it. This change in light/information/data, creates emotional and physical change and transformation occurs. It’s not rocket science. In fact it’s easy." Based on my research some sources revealed that we are experiencing a spiritual upgrade from our current 2 strand carbon-based being to our former 12 strand crystalline state of being. With this DNA-upgrade we return to our former selves as we awaken.

For me apples symbolizes a number of things, in this case our human aura or torus field and heart center and our descend into matter and back to source, some mention or use the word “Fallen”.

My closed eyes in this work indicate an inner journey or meditative experience, urging you to also look within for the answers or to activate your DNA-upgrade.

The seahorse is my totem spirit animal and in Chinese tradition seahorses represents miniature dragons that bring fortune and good luck. In other traditions seahorses are believed to carry the souls of dead sailors to another world and ensure their secure journey to a desired afterlife destination. In this case the seahorse assists, help and supervises the DNA-upgrade process.

I achieved an almost holographic digital color effect by photographing a DVD in sunlight and merging the color layer of the photograph with the floating rocks of the background to amplify the duality or digital-ism of the DNA-upgrade download in its most simplistic format of 1 and 0’s.

This work is also available as a loop-able video file as displayed on top of this page or click this link to view in your browser full screen. The tempo or speed of the animation reflects the energetic pulse of a human heart beat. The video consist of the following 9 versions of the artwork:


Available as a signed limited edition high quality canvas print or Video file for Art Installations or NFT (with video animation file), please click to collect: https://app.momint.so/m/618a1b813b426d003056ff3f