Conquering the virus


60 x 80 cm

Signed limited edition high quality canvas print or NFT



This work consists of multiple layers of photographs digitally blended to create an almost fantasy atmosphere for the portrayed battleground. We are experiencing a DNA-upgrade and the apparent virus pandemic is not what it is sold to be in the media circus. We are shifting from a 3D dimensional carbon based existence to become 5D crystalline beings.

We are conquering the virus. The Corona virus software upgrade refers to a crown or to the crown chakra, hinting on humanities awakening. We are crowned with a new understanding of ourselves; we are remembering who we are, spiritual beings having a human experience.

This process is also reflected in astrology with the positions of the wandering stars or planets lining up for completion of a 26,000 year cosmic cycle. The Great Solar Flash is upon us. This energy blast from the Central Sun will send a new light from our Sun, raising our frequencies.

A star map and a graphically created virus matrix from a photograph of a fermentation process was blended to shape space in this work to portray opening energy portals (Sun, Moon and Solar Flash).

The fire-breathing winged female being in red represents light workers and star seeds that are assisting with this spiritual upgrade. In the flame of her breath appears the image of a bull hinting on the Taurus constellation with the Sun centering between imaginary horns. This points the way to the Pleiades that align with the blue gate or moon portal of man and links to our ancient star brethren.

Available as a signed limited edition canvas print or NFT


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