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Worldbeat Electronica instrumental with a magical, mystical emotion Strong beats with dramatic breaks and floating ethereal energies and gentle guitars licks that guide you through a magical / mystical fairy world. Much like the Amethystium trilogy. 127 BPM

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Q. Who is MyMusicSource?

We are the original founders of PowerHouse Music, a production music library started in 1994. Our mission with MyMusicSource is to help Producers and Music Supervisors connect with Composers and Bands to find pre-cleared music for their productions quickly and easily.

Q. What is different about MyMusicSource?

MyMusicSource offers both affordable pre-cleared stock music, and original indie music produced by talented composers and bands. We act as your first filter selecting music, as we personally audition each track   for uniqueness, quality and authenticity—we leave the creative choices to you. We also offer Radar (Patent Pending), the coolest way to have original music selected and created for your project.

Q. What types of music does MyMusicSource provide?

Since we are musicians and producers ourselves, we know that almost any high quality music might be the right pick for a producer, advertising creative director, web site designer, or filmmaker. So, we offer music of all styles—as long as it meets our rigid quality standards and is appropriate.

Q. What format and quality are the downloadable files?

We offer high resolution mp3 files delivered at 256kbps. This allows for quick downloading and broadcast quality audio.

Open Sesame on MyMusicSource