Ruddha’s Mixtape 2017 # 7 Summertime Party Mix

Summertime (Original Mix) Milk & Sugar 123.0
We Are All Stars Tube & Berger 123.0
Beachball (Sebastien Extended Remix) Nalin & Kane 124.0
Living on the Ceiling (Vince Clarke) Blancmange 125.0
La Luna (Electrick Village Remix) Jude & Frank feat. Totó La Mom 127.0
Take me Back (Time Travel Mix) Ruddha 128.0
What Is Love (Club Mix) Speedmaster Project 128.0
Human (MJ Cole Remix) Rag’n’Bone Man 130.0
A Pain That I’m Used To (Jacques Lu) Depeche Mode 131.2
Y Front – Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode 120.0
“Bang Bang” Cher Cover Live @ Sirius Kaleo 119.0
Zimbabwe (Don Kallitos Remix) Wild Und Verwegen 119.6
Tempest (Adam Port Europa Remix) Lessons 120.0
Running To The Sea (Pachanga Boys) Röyksopp 123.0
Hate Street Dialogue feat. Rodriguez The Avener 122.0

Ruddha’s Mixtape 2016 # 14 Tell me Lies Party Mix

80’s Music Journey, fasten your seat belts. Musical Memories served faster than soft serve ice cream on a hot day! Remember the answer to life the universe and everything is 42, all else is LIES! I still have more than 80% of the original songs in this mixtape on vinyl.

Ruddha’s Mixtape 2017 # 6 Light & Fire Dance Party Mix

I discovered some amazing new South African Artists, enjoy their music in this mixtape, click & enjoy, remember the artists get their royalties via mixcloud.com when you play this mix:

Title – Artist – BPM (Beat per Minute):

Light & Fire                          Tasmin & Jouska                 82.6

Here I Come (Original Mix)            Barrington Levy                 85.0

All That She Wants                    Ryan Riback                     105.0

Shine (Beatmasters 7″ mix)            Aswad                           104.9

Cruel Summer (DJ Lutique Remix)       Grass Is Greener, Samsara Brot  118.0

Free The Herb                         Tasmin & Jouska                 160.0

TIME for the Snake to bite it’s tail  Ruddha                          140.0

Living on the Ceiling (Vince Clarke   Blancmange                      125.0

Das Modell (Kraftwerk Cover)          Rammstein                       125.1

Love Kills (Harry Romero Remix)       Robyn                           125.0

Ride (Vince Clarke Remix)             Miss Kittin, Dubfire, Dubfire   125.0

Buya (Loco Dice Kliptown Love Remix)  Black Coffee feat. Toshi        124.0

No Victim Song (Feat. Hannah William  Atfc                            125.0

Lazarus Taxon (Vince Clarke Remix)    Kidnap Kid                      127.0

Take me Back (Time Travel Mix)        Ruddha                          128.0

All Along The Watchtower              Funkstar De Luxe                128.0

All Along The Watchtower              Jimi Hendrix                    113.9

Ruddha’s Mixtape 2017 # 5 Electric LOVE Party Mix

Electric LOVE Party Mix –  special extended versions of all your 80’s favorite songs that will stir the party passion fires within your heart!

Dorsetshire – Master And Servant Depeche Mode 120.0
Missionary Man (Extended Version) Eurythmics 124.1
You Can Call Me Al (Alex Frei Remix) Le Rock & RoxS feat. Dan McGah 123.0
Little Lies (Extended Version) Fleetwood Mac 125.1
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Spe Eurythmics 126.0
You Should Be Dancing (Steve Cypress The Booty Jocks feat. Miloud & 127.2
Radar Love Golden Earring 102.3
Love Is A Stranger (Coldcut Remix – Eurythmics 122.0
Automatic – It’s No Good Depeche Mode 119.8
Das Model – the Model – Le Modéle (E Wunderkind 125.0
Hey (Nah Neh Nah) (Milk & Sugar Club Milk & Sugar, Vaya Con Dios 128.0
Goodbye 70’s (Black Light Odyssey Re Yazoo 130.0
A Question Of Time (Joebot Presents Depeche Mode 141.0
All That She Wants Ryan Riback 105.0
Self Control (Extended Version) Laura Branigan 106.4
Universal Daddy (Aquarian Dance Mix) Alphaville 111.7

Ruddha’s Mixtape 2017 # 4 NO Majat Party Bong Along Mix

It’s My Life 2011 (Albert Neve Remix Bon Jovi  128
From Paris To Berlin (Extended Versi Infernal128
Rise up (my dream is to fly over the Yves Larock feat Jaba 128
Here She Comes Again (Dj Antonio Rem Röyksopp 126.0
No Victim Song (Feat. Hannah William Atfc 125.0
Lovers on the Sun (feat. Sam Martin) David Guetta, Sam Martin 125.
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Retro Mi Alejandro Montero 128.0
Night Visions (Sunglasses) (Futurist Papercha$er feat. Corey Hart 128.0
Calabria (Club Mix) Criminal Vibes 128.0
Dance Baby Dance for Me Ruddha 128.0
Desert Rose (Paul Heron Remix) Carlos Gallardo, Peyton, Paul 127.4
Your Love Rocks (Feat. N*grandjean) The Avener 103.9
No Majat (Dub Mix) Ruddha 144.0
Get Up, Stand Up (Thievery Corporati Bob Marley & The Wailers 83.0
We March! Junia Bardo & Baba The Fayahst 86.0

Ruddha’s Mixtape 2017 # 2 Sailing the 7 Seas Party Mix

Ruddha’s Mixtape 2017 # 2 Sailing the 7 Seas Party Mix track-list:

TITLE – ARTIST – BPM (Beat per minute)
Sailing On The Seven Seas (Extended OMD 97.9
Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix) Depeche Mode 106.0
Love Is A Stranger (Coldcut Remix – Eurythmics 122.0
Everybody Does (Original Mix) Natema 122.0
Burning Rose (DJ Vitto Dub Remix) Me & My Monkey & Juanfra Munoz 121.0
Wicked Game (Extended Mix) Stefan Gruenwald & Lokee feat. 121.0
Do You Want (Original Mix) Charles J 122.0
Great Spirit Armin van Buuren vs. Vini Vici 138.0
Zodiac VIVID 125.0
The Sound Of San Francisco (Sn Global Deejays 132.4
Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad? (Magd Moby 122.0
Hate Street Dialogue The Avener 122.0
Human (MJ Cole Remix) Rag’n’Bone Man 130.0
Funky Town Funky Chicos 130.0
Your Love Rocks (Feat. N*grandjean) The Avener 103.9
To Love Somebody (Chris Coco Remix) Nina Simone 125.0