Ruddha’s Mixtape 2022 # 7 Push the Limits Party Mix

Push the Limits Party Mix celebrates some of our favorite hits from the 80’s & 90’s and new ones inspired by the oldies. Take the journey down memory lane….



Ruddha’s Mixtape 2022 # 2 Slice me Nice Party Mix

Take a magic journey down memory lane. I started DJ’ing and partying to these great hits of the 80’s when I turned 17. Dance to the exquisitely remixed versions of our favorite songs and relive the best days of your life!


Ruddha’s Mixtape 2021 # 14 Self Control Party Mix

The Self Control Party mix brings back plenty happy memories from my younger life when we started partying in the 80’s. This mix starts off slow and builds to a lovely fast dance pace featuring the Current no.1 & 2 Dance hits (Somebody to Love & The Age of Love 7 Oct 2021) on the Earth Plane. Source: Beatport.com


Ruddha’s Mixtape 2021 # 10 Situation Party Mix

Journey down memory lane…. some of the all time 80’s & 90’s dance favorites and some new ones with a energetic twist that will lift you to new levels of self realization, click, dance, be…



Ruddha’s Mixtape 2021 # 8 Eternity Love Mix

Celebrate Love & Life, dance and be happy!