A Crystal ball is an amazing tool used to super concentrate energy. On a new year’s party I placed my crystal ball in the middle of the empty dance floor and while playing my latest song I decided to gaze into the ball to experience my music creation via light and crystal amplification.

The energy is special on New Year’s Day because of the rise of Sirius the Dog Star, signaling the renewal of energy and life force for me. I use a sound to light unit to drive the Disco lights on the party, thus the reflected light in the crystal ball manifests from the sound waves of the song.

I noticed two dancing dragons enticing me with their swirling yin and yang dance opening a portal of pure crystal energy. The photo of the dancing dragons in the crystal ball with the opening portal became the core of this work.

My Tree of Life appears on the right as the sea horses rise out of the Water (tree at our dam on the farm), it’s reflection gently reminds “As Above, so Below”. Seahorses have always been my totem animals and in this work represent the dancing dragons in physical manifestation in the earth plane. In Chinese tradition seahorses represents miniature dragons that bring fortune and good luck.

In other traditions seahorses are believed to carry the souls of dead sailors to another world and ensure their secure journey to a desired afterlife destination. In this case the dragons open a Crystal Portal connecting this dimension with a spiritual dimension or another world (Star gate Sirius), offering a journey or message to the viewer with the option to return to life / reality.

The cracked sky symbolizes the opening or revealing of the portal as well as the reptilian nature of the dragons.

The plant in the work is the African Starfish Flower a native to South Africa and growing in my garden. The unopened 5 sided flowers symbolize humanity and humanities potential to awaken and remember who we are. The other name of the plant is carrion flower because of the smell of the flower luring insects to pollinate or symbolically luring humanity to awaken to their spiritual origins in the Stars via the Crystal Portal opened by the guiding Seahorses / Dragons.

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