Artist Statement

“Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the universe. Music is a divine art, to be used not only for pleasure but as a path to Awakening.”
~ Yogananda

It is my mission to facilitate spiritual awakening. I am a shaman communing and healing through art and music. I utilize various mediums, primarily my own photographs, graphic design techniques and my technological skills to manifest my creative passion in this dimension.

My art is inspired by nature, my spiritual journeys and experiences. Every work represents a key, an insight, a universal truth. I create to celebrate, share and remember the milestones on the universal road of spiritual awakening.  For me Art and Music is the perfect medium to share spiritual insights, much easier than verbalizing or writing about it.

I would describe my work as digital visual art manipulation utilizing photographic image composites in the new media art category. I love the transparency possibilities of watercolor painting and often recreate the dreamy transparent emotional energy of a watercolor painting digitally.

For me Art and Music is meditation and I spend a substantial part of everyday pursuing this passion. I am inspired by all artists and musicians and learn something from everyone on my journey.

I use multiple digital photographic images, digital drawings, software and graphic design techniques to create fantasy realms with subtle messages from my higher self, sub conscience, nature and the spiritual realms.

My visual work is available as signed limited edition prints on canvas. My music is available as MP3 downloads and in my DJ Mixtapes of my favorite music.


Solo Exhibitions

2020 – Virtual Solo Art Exhibition – click to visit


Group Art Exhibitions:

2019 – Annual Art Exhibition – Ivory Manor Hotel – Pretoria – South Africa

2019 – Rainbow Art Exhibition – Ivory Manor Hotel – Pretoria – South Africa

2018 – Annual Art Exhibition – Ivory Manor Hotel – Pretoria – South Africa

2018 – A Taste of Colour Exhibition – Jerry’s Coffee Shop – Benoni – South Africa

2018 – Art the gateway to Shangri-La – Shangri-La Hotel – Modimolle – South Africa

2016 – The Gauteng Fine Art & Antique Fair – Johannesburg – South Africa

2015 – “It’s not our Art, but our Heart” Art Exhibition – Fourways – JHB – South Africa

2006 – Group Exhibition – The Court Classique Hotel – Pretoria – South Africa