A Journey down memory lane sweet 26!

1st Album Cover:

This was a very scary experience, my 1st photo shoot. I did not know what to expect and Christine (Photo Shoot Director and her good friend and brilliant photographer Colette), gave me some neat whiskey to calm me down.

Thank you very much, today I appreciate your effort even more, thank you for great memories.

Love & light



Ruddha’s Mixtape 2017 # 7 Summertime Party Mix

Summertime (Original Mix) Milk & Sugar 123.0
We Are All Stars Tube & Berger 123.0
Beachball (Sebastien Extended Remix) Nalin & Kane 124.0
Living on the Ceiling (Vince Clarke) Blancmange 125.0
La Luna (Electrick Village Remix) Jude & Frank feat. Totó La Mom 127.0
Take me Back (Time Travel Mix) Ruddha 128.0
What Is Love (Club Mix) Speedmaster Project 128.0
Human (MJ Cole Remix) Rag’n’Bone Man 130.0
A Pain That I’m Used To (Jacques Lu) Depeche Mode 131.2
Y Front – Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode 120.0
“Bang Bang” Cher Cover Live @ Sirius Kaleo 119.0
Zimbabwe (Don Kallitos Remix) Wild Und Verwegen 119.6
Tempest (Adam Port Europa Remix) Lessons 120.0
Running To The Sea (Pachanga Boys) Röyksopp 123.0
Hate Street Dialogue feat. Rodriguez The Avener 122.0

Ruddha’s Mixtape 2016 # 14 Tell me Lies Party Mix

80’s Music Journey, fasten your seat belts. Musical Memories served faster than soft serve ice cream on a hot day! Remember the answer to life the universe and everything is 42, all else is LIES! I still have more than 80% of the original songs in this mixtape on vinyl.

Ruddha’s Mixtape 2017 # 6 Light & Fire Dance Party Mix

I discovered some amazing new South African Artists, enjoy their music in this mixtape, click & enjoy, remember the artists get their royalties via mixcloud.com when you play this mix:

Title – Artist – BPM (Beat per Minute):

Light & Fire                          Tasmin & Jouska                 82.6

Here I Come (Original Mix)            Barrington Levy                 85.0

All That She Wants                    Ryan Riback                     105.0

Shine (Beatmasters 7″ mix)            Aswad                           104.9

Cruel Summer (DJ Lutique Remix)       Grass Is Greener, Samsara Brot  118.0

Free The Herb                         Tasmin & Jouska                 160.0

TIME for the Snake to bite it’s tail  Ruddha                          140.0

Living on the Ceiling (Vince Clarke   Blancmange                      125.0

Das Modell (Kraftwerk Cover)          Rammstein                       125.1

Love Kills (Harry Romero Remix)       Robyn                           125.0

Ride (Vince Clarke Remix)             Miss Kittin, Dubfire, Dubfire   125.0

Buya (Loco Dice Kliptown Love Remix)  Black Coffee feat. Toshi        124.0

No Victim Song (Feat. Hannah William  Atfc                            125.0

Lazarus Taxon (Vince Clarke Remix)    Kidnap Kid                      127.0

Take me Back (Time Travel Mix)        Ruddha                          128.0

All Along The Watchtower              Funkstar De Luxe                128.0

All Along The Watchtower              Jimi Hendrix                    113.9